The following editorial appeared in the Chicago American of June 4, 1919. While Dr. Wood plainly enough points out an evil of astounding magnitude, medical science will never find the remedy until it adopts Nature Cure Philosophy and Practice.


   It is a sad fact that most of us spend too much time thinking of great things, writing of great men, telling of big projects.

   We decorate ourselves to celebrate what we think we have done when we should put on sackcloth and ashes for the things we have neglected.

   Let us humble ourselves today by considering the children of this country and how we are neglecting them.

   The trouble is that we do not take the trouble to acquaint ourselves with real conditions.

   Fortunately there are some men who are generous enough with their time and their talents to properly study those things from which most of us indolently turn away.

   One such man is Dr. Thomas D. Wood, professor of physical education at Columbia University, who has written for the June number of Good Housekeeping a most astounding article on the neglect of American children.

   You may think that Dr. Wood is preaching about the slum children, the offspring of the poor. But he is not. He talks of the school children of the country, concerning whom he has collected from official sources some extraordinary facts and figures.

   Read them and be amazed:

   "At least 1 per cent —200,000 of the 20,000,000 school children in the United States —are mentally defective."

   "Over 1 per cent—250,000 at least—of the children are handicapped by organic heart disease."

   "At least 5 percent -1,000,000—have now, or have had, tuberculosis, a danger often to others as well as to themselves.

   "Five per cent—1,000,000 of them- have defective hearing, which, unrecognized, gives many the undeserved reputation of being mentally defective.

   "Twenty-five per cent—5,000,000—of these school children have defective eyes. A majority of these children have received no attention.

   "About 25 per cent—5,000,000 children- are suffering malnutrition, and poverty is not the most important cause of this serious barrier to healthy development.

   "From 15 to 25 per cent -3,000,000 to 5,000,000- have adenoids, diseased tonsils or other glandular defects." "Adenoids and diseased tonsils make backward pupils and interfere with the child's general development and health.

   "From 10 to 20 per cent—2,000,000 to 4,000,000—have weak foot arches, weak spines or other joint defects."

   "From 50 to 75 per cent—10,000,000 to 15,000,000—have defective teeth, and defective teeth are more or less injurious to health."

   "Seventy-five per cent—15,000,000—have physical defects which are potentially or actually detrimental to health."


   Would you have believed that such a record was possible?

   Would you have believed that a nation which in a few months found it possible to physically and mentally examine millions of men as to their fitness to fight would continuously neglect many more millions of little children suffering from defects, most of which could be remedied?

   We care for our livestock better than we care for our children. Men are paid to test animals for disease and provide for their curing.

   We pay more attention to the dirt under our feet, for any farmer can send a sample of soil from his farm to the Agricultural Department at Washington, and if it is diseased-for soil has its diseases the same as human beings-an expert will prescribe a cure.

   The only possible prevention or cure for the deplorable conditions described by Dr. Thomas D. Wood lie in the practice of Natural Eugenics, outlined in "The Baby Book, " Part IV of this volume.






   The Lindlahr System of Natural Therapeutics represents the first effort ever made to combine in one system all that is good in the various methods of treating human ailments. It is, therefore, the only truly eclectic system of therapeutics in existence. It takes in all that is true in old school medical theories and practice, as well as all that is valuable in modern drugless healing methods.

   On the basis of a few fundamental natural laws, it brings order out of chaos, simplicity and unity out of complexity and confusion. It reduces the multiplicity of medical and drugless theories and healing methods to a few simple principles and applications. It represents one of the most far-reaching revolutionary movements in the history of mankind-fundamental to all other reforms, individual as well as social. It searches for causes of disease and for rational treatment on the physical, mental, moral, spiritual, psychical and social planes of being. It reveals with irrefutable logic that the causes of disease and the effects of natural and unnatural treatment are identical in all domains of human life.

Prevention Better Than Cure

   One of the pioneers in the Nature Cure movement summarized the philosophy of health, disease and treatment, in the epigram, "Health Is Cleanliness". Orthodox medical science has learned that this is true as far as surroundings are concerned, but has not yet applied this principal to internal conditions, which is proved by the fact that instead of purifying human bodies of morbid waste, systemic poisons and disease taints, it saturates them with drug poisons and disease products, under the guise of medicines, vaccines, serums and antitoxins.

   The following may serve to define more clearly the difference between the old and new philosophy of disease and treatment:

   The old school of medicine teaches that practically all diseases are caused by minute living beings specially created by nature for this malign purpose; and that human bodies are the helpless, chance victims of these destructive, invisible enemies. On this germ theory of disease is based the slogan of modern medical science, "Paralyze or kill the germ (with ice, poisons, serums, antitoxins, vaccines or surgical operations) and cure the disease."

   Natural Therapeutics, or the science of natural healing, does not deny the existence of disease germs and parasites, but claims, and proves beyond the possibility of doubt, that these germs and their seed spores, or microzyma, grow and multiply only in bodies heavily encumbered with and weakened by food, drink and drug poisons, morbid taints and various disease products in the form of vaccines, serums and antitoxins. Furthermore, this new interpretation of disease makes it clear that these much maligned bacteria and parasites feed on, digest and decompose the morbid encumbrances or pathogenic material in animal and human bodies.

   These are bold claims in view of the adverse opinion held almost unanimously by the old schools of medicine. The first theory is equivalent to saying: "There is no need of cleaning your house in order to prevent moulds, fungi and vermin. All that is necessary is to diligently soak the premises with antiseptics and germ killers." Such practice may succeed for awhile, but what condition will the house be in if dirt and poisonous chemicals are allowed to accumulate?

   The better practice endeavors to keep the house scrupulously clean by the use of water, soap, brush and broom, and by flooding it with fresh air and sunlight. If this is done, can there be any danger of the generation of moulds, fungi and vermin, or invasion from without?

   In like manner the drugless healer purifies the human body by natural methods of living and of treatment, by adjusting mechanical lesions and harmonizing mental and emotional discord.

   The following revelations concerning the true character of germs and their functions in the economy of nature may enable the reader to decide for himself which one of these theories is most rational.

   Prof. Béchamp, a contemporary of Pasteur and Metchnikoff, taught as long as sixty years ago that normal cells of living bodies as well as bacteria and other disease producing microorganisms were not the smallest living bodies, but that they were made up of infinitely more minute beings which he called "microzyma"—minute ferment bodies. He proved that these microzyma are the primal units of life which, under congenial conditions, develop into the normal cells of living bodies, but which, under abnormal conditions, as in dead bodies or in accumulations of morbid materials in living bodies, may develop into bacteria and parasites, whose natural function it is to consume and decompose putrefying materials into their component elements.

   I have expressed this truth in Nature Cure Philosophy and Practice in the words; "Every disease germ lives on its own particular kind of disease matter, and if it does not, find this it has to leave for pastures new" (or it is eaten up by its own microzyma).

   When the morbid food is consumed, the microzyma feed on the protoplasm of their own bacteria until there is nothing left but the microzyma themselves. These, in turn, may again develop into bacteria in putrefying materials in other dead or living bodies.*

(This new interpretation of germ life is fully explained in the "Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics."

   It will be seen that according to this rational theory of germ activity the much dreaded bacteria and parasites instead of being the deadly enemies of living beings are nature's scavengers, on whose activity depends the removal of dead and putrefying matter, and therefore the very existence of living beings. In other words, they are nature's provision for keeping the earth clean and sweet.

   Furthermore, we know that, barring accident, all disease in human bodies is caused by the excessive accumulation of morbid waste (pathogenic matter), which clogs and obstructs the capillary circulation, thus interfering with cell nutrition and drainage; that the white blood corpuscles or leukocytes, which were mistaken by medical science for living cells and germ destroyers (phagocytes), are in reality particles of mucoid matter condensed in the tubular structures of the spleen and the lymph nodes into comparatively compact bodies for the purpose of keeping the blood serum fluid and facilitating its transfusion through the membranes of the blood vessels and cells (osmosis). If these white corpuscles remained in the circulation in diffused form they would thicken the blood serum to such an extent that it would prevent cell nutrition and drainage.

   It is such obstruction by pathogenic materials in the tissues of the body which interferes with the nutrition and drainage of the cells. Thus the cells, on the one hand, are starved, and on the other hand are poisoned by their own excrements. No wonder they lose vitality, deteriorate and putrefy, thus calling into action bacteria and parasites, the minute scavengers and destroyers of morbid matter and white blood corpuscles.

   For these reasons the natural therapist does not fill human bodies with drug poisons and disease products to "kill the germs", but purifies the blood and tissues, adjusts mechanical lesions, and harmonizes mental and emotional activities so that there is no necessity for the development of normal microzyma into bacteria, and no food for disease germs invading the system from without. That it is indeed possible to develop such natural immunity to infectious diseases is being proved positively by ever increasing numbers of faithful adherents to natural ways of living and of treating human ailments.

A New Interpretation of Acute Disease

   All acute diseases start with obstruction of the capillary circulation by accumulation of mucoid matter and white corpuscles. The white corpuscles instead of being valiant little germ hunters and germ eaters (phagocytes) are in reality eaten and decomposed into pus by the bacteria.

   Succeeding blood counts of our chronic patients who improve under natural treatment show invariably a very marked decrease in white corpuscles, and increase in red corpuscles.

Why Epidemics?

   The reader may ask, "If what you say is true—if disease arises within the organism rather than through invasion from without—how do you explain epidemics in which many people become affected at the same time by similar kinds of disease germs?"

   The answer to this is: The fact that the majority of people in a certain locality are addicted to the same unnatural habits of living and of treating their ailments produces in most of them the same kind of morbid soil, and this favors the development of normal, diseased microzyma into similar forms of bacteria and the corresponding inflammatory processes.

   Certain atmospheric and astrological conditions, which we do not fully understand, also have much to do with the periodic appearance of epidemic or endemic diseases.

   Immunity to disease can be acquired only by the careful observance of Nature's laws. Through right living, following the natural regimen as outlined in Sec. I, the system may be brought into such a state of purity that bacteria will find no congenial soil for development.

Confirmatory Evidence

   Dr. X, an Osteopathic physician, was for several years a member of our staff. Three months ago (before this was written) he enlisted in the marines. The following account from a letter addressed to a member of our staff relates some of his experiences with allopathic methods for keeping the boys "fit" and for making them immune to germ diseases.

   ". . . . I never felt finer in my life than Friday, a week ago. On that day I received my first shot of serum. It was the 'three-in-one', a mixture of typhoid, paratyphoid and meningitis serums. As usual when the filthy stuff is injected into a clean body, purified by years of natural living, the reaction was powerful. It made me deathly sick. I felt nauseated and had a terrible headache. After taking a few cold sprays on the quiet during the night I felt better in the morning. Then I was vaccinated. This was my finish. Within a few hours I developed temperature and became so weak that I had to go to bed. Next morning the lymphatic glands all over my body, especially in the neck, were swollen, my tongue was thickly coated, and I vomited several times. My temperature went up to 102. I was still in the barracks and treated myself as best I could with throat packs, cold compresses over the chest and abdomen, and cut out the eats.

   "Monday brought no improvement. I tried to hide my condition to avoid being taken to the hospital. Tuesday night, my temperature went up and I became delirious. The boys told me I left my bed and shouted at the top of my voice that I was choking and needed help. Next morning I became conscious and found myself on a hospital cot. There were about twenty patients in the room besides myself. The two interns in charge of the ward told me they were dentists and that practically all the medical assistants in the camp were dentists; only the officers in command were Md.'s, yet Osteopaths, though they have three or four years of careful training and as many hours of minor and major surgery as are given in the average medical college, are barred from service in the medical department of the army and navy.

   "Not being of the orthodox variety, these interns were rather liberal in their views and became quite friendly after I confided to them that I was a graduate Osteopath. When I talked nature cure they showed considerable interest.

"At regular intervals one of them made the rounds with a quart bottle full of a grayish, vile tasting mixture. Everybody in the place, no matter what ailed him, had to take a dose. I kept mine in my mouth until I had an opportunity to spit it into my handkerchief and then cleansed my mouth with water as best I could. Later on one of the doctors told me that it was a mixture of aconite, gelsemin and phenacetin" (all three powerful suppressants, and the last one a highly poisonous coal tar product). " In between times calcium iodid was passed around in a coffee cup" (another anti-fever remedy). "The boys called it 'calcimine'. I realized that if I took the stuff, the fever caused by the blood poisoning might be suppressed, and the disease and drug poisons sent to the brain and spinal cord, with paralysis or death as the finish.

   "After I had become quite friendly with the doctors they agreed to let me off from the dope and I was not offered any more of it. This was rather a lucky escape considering that only a few days before one fellow was court martialed and given twenty-five years for refusing to submit to the serum treatment, and another one got five years for insisting on having an enema instead of cathartics." (Both of these occurrences appeared as news items in the daily press of the country.)

   "The doctors were also kind enough to place a washbasin of cold water under my cot so that I could renew my throat packs and abdominal compresses from time to time. I succeeded, also, in fasting a short time longer, pleading that the food would nauseate me and not stay down anyway. After a few days, however, they insisted that I must eat to keep up my strength or the 'disease' would get the best of me. To avoid trouble I took the food, but when unobserved passed it on to my neighbors, who, though sick as dogs, swallowed it greedily.

   "After I became able to talk to the doctors more freely I mentioned that my fever was due to blood poisoning from the serums and vaccine. At this they expressed great surprise. It seems that such a possibility had never entered their heads. They evidently didn't know what was the matter with me nor with many others in the ward. The only thing they seemed to know was that we had fever, and for this everybody received at regular intervals the same dope. When a patient in the ward neared the end he was taken to a room upstairs for the finish.

   "An Osteopathic friend called on me several times and, when the interns were not looking, gave me a good head and neck treatment, and the glands a good draining which of course relieved me wonderfully. During the daytime the doctors would not let me go to the bathroom upstairs because there was a lot of 'draft' and I might 'take cold'; but I made good by slipping up there during the night and taking a few cold sprays, and then going to bed without drying. These whole body packs gave me great relief.

   "While lying in that illy ventilated room, surrounded by influenza, pneumonia and meningitis cases, it made me furious to think that after trying for years to keep my body in a clean and healthy condition, it had been saturated with these filthy poisons. If anything had been needed to convince me of the sanity and efficacy of Nature Cure, this experience surely would have done it. I have learned since that many in our company became sick after the injections; twenty-four were taken to the hospitals and three of these died.

   "But after all I am thankful for the great housecleaning. I'm better off than many of the fellows who did not work up an acute reaction, but still have the filth in their systems." (Disease in the chronic form.)

   "Here is an interesting bit of experience that shows the attitude of the general public toward the drug and serum question. Sunday afternoon my next neighbor in the ward had five visitors, evidently father, mother and other relatives. While watching his continuous coughing and spitting his mother asked him whether anything was being done for his cough. He told her that pretty strong medicine was passed around regularly, but the mother thought he was not getting enough and insisted that he should have some extra good cough medicine on the side. After a consultation as to the merits of different cough cures, they decided on some doctor's patent cough syrup and the father was sent in haste to get the stuff at the next drug store. When he returned with the precious elixir the patient took a good swallow and hid the bottle under his pillow. Two days afterward he was so bad that the family called in an outside doctor for consultation; he was lingering between life and death when I was discharged.

   "This experience of Dr. X throws an interesting sidelight on the origin and spread of the epidemic of influenza and pneumonia in the fall of 1918. It started almost simultaneously in practically all the army and navy camps in the United States. From the camps it spread to the neighboring country and cities. Why should this occur among young men who were the pick of the country for health and youthful vigor, living in the best hygienic surroundings that science could establish, leading wholesome outdoor lives with plenty of vigorous exercise?

   Without doubt, an overabundance of nitrogenous and starchy foods, coffee and tobacco, plus disease products in the form of serums, antitoxins and vaccines, had created the morbid soil for the propagation of the germs of influenza, pneumonia, meningitis and of other infectious diseases. While some of the serums, antitoxins and vaccines may not contain live bacteria; they do contain the microzyma which, under favorable conditions, will develop into bacteria and parasites. Bacteriologists admit that bacteria become more malignant as they pass through disease-encumbered bodies. The foregoing explains not only the simultaneous outbreak in the home camps of the army, but also its extraordinary virulence, unequaled in any former outbreak.

   The press for December 5, 1918, carried a report from the U. S. Public Health Department giving the following estimates of deaths from influenza and pneumonia during the preceding epidemic.

   "Since September 15, between 300,000 and 350,000 deaths from influenza and pneumonia have occurred among the civilian population of the United States. About 20,000 deaths occurred in the camps of the United States."

   The number of soldiers in the home camps during the period covered by this report was approximately 1,500,000. The population of the United States is about 110,000,000. Using these figures and the highest estimate of civilian deaths (350,000) we have the following percentages: Mortality among civilians would be 302 in 100,000 living; among soldiers in camp, 1,333 per 100,000 living; or more than four times that of the civilian death rate. What an astonishing revelation this is when we consider that the civilian population includes the very old and the very young, those whose resistance has been weakened by chronic disease, lack of proper nourishment and unhygienic surroundings; while the camp population includes only the physically fit, living under the most favorable conditions.

   The medical profession claims that the serum and vaccine has prevented the spread of typhoid fever and smallpox in the late war. This we are not ready to admit, believing that these diseases, like yellow fever, cholera, bubonic plague, etc., have yielded to better hygiene, scientific drainage and other common sense and practical methods. But suppose they are right in their claims,—it remains a fact that a larger percentage of soldiers have lost their lives through disease during this war than in any other modern war. The latest statistics tell us that in France 16,000 American soldiers died of disease, while only 40,000 were killed in the hard fought battles or died from wounds. The loss from disease in American camps has been just as great as in Europe. What difference did it make to these victims of disease whether they of typhoid or smallpox, or of influenza, pneumonia, meningitis or other disease, bred and nourished in the morbid soil created by serums, antitoxins and vaccines?

   Another bit of evidence comes from an entirely different source unbiased by nature cure doctrines. A friend from an eastern city writes as follows:

  "An undertaker from here who volunteered for duty at Camp ——, and who has done most of the embalming there, says that in his opinion the deaths were not caused by pneumonia, as evidenced by the fact that no pus was present in the lungs as is always the case following this disease. He said big, strong, robust fellows would die in three days after being taken down, and in the greatest of agony; that their lungs were filled with gas, they couldn't get their breath, and strangled to death. He also said that in his judgment the trouble was caused by the serums that were being injected into them,—that these serums were impregnated with the germs or poisons that caused all the trouble."

The subjects of vaccination, antitoxins and serums are fully treated in Vol. I of this Series.


   In order to facilitate ready reference I have deemed it best to group the subject matter of this volume under five headings, viz., A General Regimen for Wholesome Living, The Treatment of Acute Diseases, The Treatment of Chronic Diseases, The Baby Book, and First Aid.

   The various acute and chronic diseases will be described separately and in detail from the allopathic and nature cure viewpoints in volume five of this series. In the same volume instructions will be given for bedside nursing and first aid in accidents.

   Wherever in this or other books of the Natural Therapeutic Series I have occasion to prescribe natural methods of living and of treatment, I shall refer by section and number to the prescriptions and applications as classified in this division.