Lindlahr: Iridagnosis

Abbreviated Table of Contents



Frontispiece--Chart of Iris (large-sized download).
Color Plate (large-sized download)
Title Page
I. Iridology
II. Anatomy of the Iris
III. Explanation of the Key to Iridology
IV. A Uniform Division and Classification of Disease
V. Density of the Iris
VI. Nerve Rings
VII. The Scurf Rim
VIII. Itch or Psora Spots in the Iris
IX. Comparison of Fermentation to Inflammation
X. Signs of Inorganic Minerals in the Iris
XI. Signs of Poisons in the Eye
XII. Mercury, Hydrargyrum or Quicksilver
XIII. Cinchona—Quinin
XIV. Iodin
XV. Lead
XVI. Arsenic
XVII. Bromids
XVIII. Coal Tar Products
XIX. Miscellaneous Drugs
XX. Diseases of the Vital Organs--Signs in Iris
XXI. Chronic Diseases--Their Signs in Iris
XXII. The Ductless Glands and Their Secretions
XXIII. Diseases of Ductless Glands--Signs in Iris
XXIV. Basic Diagnosis