To Nathan Pritikin
with thanks

Modern man has greater knowledge and farther horizons than his predecessors. As each new generation faces the world, the inventors and creators enthusiastically contribute their original ideas to further human progress--often in the face of ridicule, apathy, and stony opposition. The vantage point from which we now survey the world is the product over many centuries, of such men.


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Home, Ross
  The health revolution.

  5th ed.

  Includes index ISBN 0 7322 5766 2

  1 Health. 2. Nutrition. 3. diet, 1. Title


Printed in Australia by Griffin Paperbacks

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The original edition of The Health Revolution was self-published by Ross Home in 1980. Due to overwhelming public demand HarperCollms has released this fifth edition of the work, with minor revisions, in 1997.


NOTE FROM SOIL AND HEALTH LIBRARY: HarperCollins allowed the publication to go out of print and all rights to this book reverted to Ross Horne. The book is presented here with the express permission of Ross Horne




Preface to fifth edition

Foreword by Dr Dean Burk
Foreword by Dr Archie Kalokerinos
Foreword by Professor John Wright


  1. Longevity
  2. Living proof
  3. Nathan Pritikin
  4. The environment and human survival
  5. Oxygen--the key to life
  6. Enzymes
  7. The causes of degeneration
  8. Stress
  9. Cholesterol and triglycerides
  10. The cardiovascular system, lipotoxemia and cardiovascular disease
  11. Blood viscosity as a factor in all metabolic disease
  12. The value of medical examinations
  13. Heart attack and stroke
  14. The breakthrough and the solution to heart disease
  15. Diet and nutrition
  16. Weight control
  17. Physical exercise
  18. Natural light and health
  19. The immune system
  20. Cancer--a disease of civilization
  21. Other degenerative diseases
  22. Alternative medicine
  23. The human factor
  24. In conclusion